2014-2015 Season Schedule Schedule List:    Printer Icon   Printer Friendly
Date Opponent Location Matrix Game Score
Aug-30-2014 White Plains
Away A: L 32-27
B: L 14-28
Sep-06-2014 Raleigh
Away A: W 26-24
B: L 22-10
Sep-13-2014 Pittsburgh Harlequins
A forfeit win
Home A: W 49-0
Sep-14-2014 HMS Argyll
Home A: W 42-29
Sep-20-2014 Richmond
Home A: L 24-22
B: L 34-17
Sep-27-2014 NOVA
Away A: W 68-13
B: L 20-10
Sep-27-2014 NOVA (OB)
11:30 kick off
Oct-04-2014 BYE

Oct-11-2014 Schuylkill River
Home A: W 41-20
B: L 30-15
Oct-18-2014 Potomac Exiles
Home A: L 22-11
B: L 24-13
Oct-25-2014 Mt. Saint Mary's
Away A: L 51-5
Oct-25-2014 Pittsburgh Harlequins
Away A: W 34-13
Nov-01-2014 BYE

Nov-08-2014 Raleigh
Home A: W 24-19
B: W 24-5
Nov-15-2014 BYE

Nov-22-2014 NOVA
B-side match had Greens beating the Golds
Home A: W 40-5
B: W 29-27
Feb-28-2015 Rocky Gorge
Mar-07-2015 Norfolk
Postponed. Will be rescheduled
Mar-14-2015 Schuylkill River
Away A: L 13-7
B: W 46-22
Mar-21-2015 Potomac Exiles
Away A: L 31-26
B: L 60-12
Mar-28-2015 Norfolk
Away A: W 27-13
B: W 22-0
Apr-11-2015 Towson University
Home A: L 29-17
Apr-11-2015 Norfolk
Home A: W 20-6
Apr-18-2015 Old Blue
Away A: L 54-22
Apr-25-2015 NCR 4 Playoffs
Apr-26-2015 NCR 4 Playoffs
May-02-2015 Rites of Spring